Youngsters of Ukraine are the head for Rs.36,000 crores only by correcting/ editing errors.

       The three persons who created a Grammarly software for editing/correcting the spelling and grammar errors in the content which are write in English are become millionaire today.

The value of their company was announced with Rs.100000 crores.  Crores and crores of people are also in this world whose native language is not English.

Ukraine is also the country without having English as their native language.

Max Lytvyn and Alex Shevchenko, who were born in Ukraine, went to America for their higher studies and were joined by Dmytro lider, and made this amazing software"grammarly".

This application helps to specialize and increase the quality of content/information, especially for those who are not familiar withenglish/whose native language is not English.

After complete writing your content upload that in the Grammarly software that will show the spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, errors in the sentences and then it will correct that. you can use it for free.

If you need some more interesting features, you have to pay for that. Currently, this software explores the pantry of words around 14,00000crores.

In World-wide 3crores people using this software daily.  In 2019, at the fundraising event, the value of this company was rated as Rs.15,000crores.

In the pandemic office work was changed to work from home. In worldwide the use of this software is increased. Currently, the value of this company is around Rs.10000crores.

The value of the properties of the founders Max lytvyn and Alex shevchenkois Rs.18,000 crores.

One of the founders Shevchenko, said about this: we are proud of the representation of Ukraine on the world stage.

Grammarly is created with the intention of helping the people to inform what they are trying to say with the use of technology.

        One of the reasons for created grammarly was our own experience. We suffered a lot because English is not our native language, and there it started.

        He says to solve the problem between the company and a person, bringing new ideas are the basis of this.