Why can't we buy a smart lamp made by Google?

Google has made a smart lamp but it is not available for everyone.

It is designed to provide "optimal lighting for vedio calls". This is only offered to people who are working at Google.

Google offers a wide range of products for users, from wireless ear buds to smart phones; you can also find some smart home devices including security cameras and smart displays.

Google has now also developed a smart light lamp, but you can't buy because it is not available to everyone

Ben Gold, Google designer, has shared a photo of the smart phone lampoon on Twitter with the caption - This gadget will not go on sale outside to the company. The company calls it "dlight".

This can be useful for utility events like these as people work from home these days. The smart lamp has a circular base and a thin post, the pictures showing that it has a cylindrical light.

It is available in a bright white colour. The lamp comes with the ability to customize the lighting and color temperature.

9 to 5 Google claims that you can control the smart lamp with the help of google assistant.

To control it, one must use the Google Home app. This lamp has a USB-C port, which is invisible in the picture, but the company's designer says it comes with one, which means it's rechargeable.

The source quoted also said that updates could be obtained in the air.

This lamp was created by an internal team of the company and is, provided only to those who are working at Google.

Other than that, the search company doesn't charge for this smart lamp, and offers it for free, but it is available to those who are in United States.

Eligible users will be able to access it through the internal store. Apart from, this is not the first time that Software Company has created an employee-only product.

In 2017 thus company developed Google branded ear headphones for employees. The latest initiative enhances the work experience of those workers from home.