WhatsApp hackers' new strategy; You should not do this!

WhatsApp hackers are also updating their methods. Rahul Sasi, the founder of cloudsek.com, has explained their new hacking strategy on his Twitter page.

The hacker calls WhatsApp users and calls Whatsapp users and guides them to make a call to the following numbers in the name of an offer or gift. ** 67 * <10 digit phone number>, * 405 * <10 digit phone number> WhatsApp will go under their control from the next moment if users call these numbers as hackers say. 

How is this possible?

The above two numbers are the numbers requesting the "Call Forwarding" facility on Jio and Airtel. This call forwarding facility will forward incoming calls to the given number when you are busy.

The OTP will prompt you to open the WhatsApp Application on a new mobile. The hacker can obtain OTP  via SMS or phone call. These jobs will happen in the back while you are talking. After that, overall control will go to the hackers.

Hackers can be done this hacking method all over the world. Mobile companies in each country will have a call forwarding number like this. It is necessary to be careful!