What is meant by Domain Names?

Domain Names

Domain Name is the name of our website. For example, entraxy.com is the domain name of this website.

The name of our website is simply an IP address. We can't remember the IP address of all such websites. Domain Name is the feature that was invented for that.

For example, We can't remember everyone's mobile numbers who are our friends and relatives. Isn't that why we store that number in his mobile with his name? This is just like that. Here Mobile Number is a Unique IP Address. The storage name is the Domain Name.

Domain Name Servers

Each domain name we register will be linked to a unique IP address. This process is done by using Domain Name Servers

After the domain name is linked to the IP address associated with the Domain Name Servers, you can use our website directly using the domain name.

DNS stands for "Domain Name System". This is a system that allows you to link to websites by matching human-readable domain names (eg. entraxy.com) with the unique IP Address of the server where a website is stored.