The Brown Beauty

The Brown Beauty


Beauty, it has it’s own definition.

An alluring look, Beyond cute,

Damn elegant, Fairy skin,

Flawless tone, Graceful eyes,

Impressive expressions, Stunning style,

Provocative presence, Stimulating sense,

And on and on…which was once framed on!

Although it was heretofore but it’s still-Hanging on!

Hang like a door with a lost key

That had been stray in the search of black and  brown preety!

And yup! Born in Brown neither give a pleasure of fair nor gives a dreadful of black.

Rather it presents the esteem less of life!

Settled by fixing them in the portrait of someone’s portrayal.

By failing to know WHOM they all really BELONG.

Else they ignore to recall ‘None are Judges’.

In the stage where we all put on!

All they need a line saying to themselves-

‘Lovely I, Love you for the way you are!’

Indeed it’s my time 

Lovely me, Love you for what I am..


-Sakthi Meenakshi A