You can study two courses at the same time; UGC announced

The UGC has directed that all colleges and universities should allow interested students to study two courses simultaneously.

The circular sent by Mr Thakur, Secretary of the University Grants Commission, UGC, states:

In April last year, the UGC issued guidelines to allow students to pursue two types of degree courses simultaneously. According to this, all types of colleges and universities like Arts, Science and Engineering should allow their students to enrol in two types of courses at the same time as per these instructions.

However, after enrolling in one course, students who want to enrol in another course during the same period seem unable to enrol in the second course because the colleges and universities insist on the original transfer certificate and the transfer certificate is mandatory. Therefore, the UGC has issued the following statement.

Accordingly, all higher education institutes and universities should set administrative guidelines and provide facilities for students to study two courses simultaneously. It says so.