React Programming - Overview

This is a perfect time for us to understand what is React Programming.

In this blog, we are going to see a quick introduction to React.

What is React Programming?

React is a JavaScript Library to build dynamic and interactive user interfaces that execute faster. React is a JavaScript Library. Is not a Framework.

The difference between the Library and Framework

The Framework provides the complete solutions for creating Front-end applications. But when we consider the React, build it as lightweight Library.

It provides a support for build a view that means User interfaces for our applications. But it is not measurably a drawback. It provides proper concerns to build user interfaces and to make them interact with the user.

That means it accepts inputs from user and also provides dynamic information to user. That's how the real world React Applications will work.

For Example, We take Facebook, It provides all posts in the feed page and also user can create their own post.

React Programming Flow

This kind of user interaction can be developed by using React.

React was developed by Facebook in 2011, and is mainly used for developing Single-Page Applications (SPA's)

Single Page Application:

SPA is an application that rendered small pieces of User Interface that meet complete Applications.

In react we can actually build reusable UI Components. Each components are representation of User Interface.

SPA – Overview

For example, In Modern Applications we have a navigation bar, sidebar and main page content here each of this represented as a piece of UI and those are represented as Components in the code.

And that components are reusable by default. That means we can able to use same navigation bar in multiple pages wherever it's required in our Applications.

By default UI components are reusable pieces, which consist of Design Logic as well as Programming Logic.

Design Logic: It is written in the form of HTML

Programming Logic: It is written in the form of JavaScript.

By default, those components are arranged in Hierarchy that is called Virtual DOM.

Virtual DOM is a hierarchy of Components and its initiates the actual Real DOM found in the browser.

We will understand know about a detailed explanation of Virtual DOM and Real DOM in the next Blog post.