THOUGHTS OF NOVEL

In solitude,

The wave of emptiness raised,

To show their presence.

The range of breeze blew,

To fill up the gap.

The Ground yields as much,

To make me full.

The sun sets in East,

To note me the change.

Nonetheless, nothing worked.

At most it all ended up in heartache.

The ache made my mind to think-'What the cause'

The cause of pain or the cause of thoughts

Hereby I started to think

besides nothing flows, even so, nothing fades.

I run down to sink my thoughts into my ink

But down my luck, toner fails at the time it makes!

Or my pages shred when it flows.

To my dismay, it seems like a full stop-poohed out!

Although it just needs a comma to redraft.

And thereon I decided to go on

By just some proof to move on

All by without knowing where they start on.

However, I perceive the path to go on!

Yes! it nowhere

But the path of my Novel Thoughts.

The Thoughts to love those who hate,

Thoughts to heal over hurt,

Thoughts to affirm than to refute,

Thoughts to respond else to re-act,

To be precise,

The Thoughts to be thankful amidst curse,

So, the cage of my hell breaks on the LIGHT OF HEAVEN arrives.

                                                                         -Sakthi Meenakshi A