More than 15 Tamil YouTube channels hacked by hackers

YouTube - The world's most popular video sharing site. Everyone who knows anything about the internet uses it.


On YouTube one can learn anything, entertain oneself and watch the latest music videos and trailers. The ways to 

use YouTube are practically endless.


Although YouTube was launched in 2005, it became popular in India only after 2015. Reliance JIO has announced three months of free net service to attract its customers. Until the internet was castly but now  Google and the internet have all become ubiquitous and the lifeblood of everyone . Sales of Android phones began to increase accordingly.


That is when YouTube channels became popular among students and youth in Tamil Nadu.


In Tamil Nadu, YouTube sites have started to grow exponentially in line with the TV and news channels. Many media companies that saw the growth of YouTube realized that the future was now in digital hands and started their own account on YouTube.


In this situation, many YouTube channels in Tamil Nadu were hacked unexpectedly last night at midnight, including the popular Parithabangal, Nakshalights, Chennai Memes, Sothanaigal on the YouTube site. It has also been reported that more than 15 channels, including Let's Understand Everything, may have been disabled. Also the channels of some individual YouTubers have been disabled.


Cryptocurrency ads are given on all hacked channels. All previously uploaded videos on all channels have been deleted.


Currently, the hacked incident has been reported to the YouTube site on behalf of the owners of the YouTube channels and resolved.