Machine Learning - An Overview

The answer to this can be understood in a simple explanation.

That is, if we separate the two words Machine Learning in Tamil, it means Machine + Learning = Machine Learning. The meaning of I’m Learning is I’m learning something. The same Meaning of Machine Learning is Machine Learns something by its own.

Here is the machine can be the form of a cell phone, computer, laptop, fan, television, incandescent lamp to all kinds of technological devices used in big industries are referred to as Machines.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a technology Software and machines are getting input data from us and after that, they start learning accordingly.

For Example,

If we use Machine Learning Technology in a fruit shop, we would have first uploaded information about some or more fruits in the software designed for it.

Detailed Explanation

Banana is yellow in color and its size

If the apple is red, it will be round (its structure)

If orange, it is round and slightly flattened in orange.

Like this, we have uploaded information on different types of fruits.

Now that Red Plantain is on sale in the grocery store, we do not need to upload it to our software. Here Machine Learning Technology uses the information we have already given and using the Machine Learning Algorithm we wrote. And it automatically finds its shape, color through the image or video of a newly arrived fruit (Red Plantain). And compare this information with previously stored information using Machine Learning Algorithms written by us. By comparing both information, it detects newly arrived fruit is one type of Banana and store it.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a subdivision of Artificial Intelligence.

Machine learning is the process of non-pre-defined computer programs and technology that automatically develops Algorithms or programs such as analyzing similarities and differences between a given input data and the desired output data and automatically processing new information.

According to Tom Mitchell, Machine learning is “The process by which information previously gained from various tasks (experience) is designed to improve one’s performance.”

Creates a mathematical model of the newly entered information, the generalities of the existing information, and their averages and variations with mathematical principles such as statistics, depending on the average estimates. Brings new releases of algorithms with it.

Now let’s look at another example, the process of identifying an image of a number.

If 7 is written on the screen, the computer will have to say seven.

First, we need to teach the computer a picture of all the numbers from 0 to 9.

The system obtains an input image and submits the number to various tests, such as curvature, appearance, differences, and then filters out any number that matches the information previously given to it. Finally, Finds the correct number and notifies us.