High speed hyperloop transport technology

The hyperloop for high-speed transport was introduced by Elon Musk in 2013.

 With this technology, this hyperloop transport can be able to travel at speeds of up to 1000km per/hour,will travel as fast as bullet coming out of a gun.

 Musk declared that everyone should think about this vehicle without thinking that Musk should make this vehicle.

 The news came, this capsule technology is with length of 105feet and weight of 5tons,built in Spain and France and for the next step tracks are set up under the California and vehicle will be used after completing the setup.

 This product is named as Quintero One and this is almost produced fully with different materials.

 Many companies are competing to create this technology and high speed transportation under the advertisement which is gave by billionaire elon Musk 2013

 Through low pressure tubes to reduce friction,that is planned to travel in capsule at speeds of upto750miles per hour.

 We can be able torun this technology faster than the procedurs,they are using a levitation technique to lift Trainor a track.

 At the same time as signing this hyperloop transportation plan for the first time in China, they have announced that contracts for this are going to be signed soon.

 Los Angeles is growing into hyperlooptt, with rivals Arivivo and Virginia hyperlooptt one and hyperlooptt-like Musk's Boringko also there.