Free Online Courses on Google Digital Unlocked

Learning online is never easy. We need a device and an internet connection to start learning. Ten years ago this was not so easily possible.

Back then people had more preference over offline learning. Both online and offline learning have their pros and cons. But, in this article, we will see about the best Google Certification courses for online learning.

Google Digital Unlocked

Google helps everyone in some way. For students, Google is not only a search engine but also offers various online courses with credentials.

They are bringing more and more excellent courses to help students. Also, the best thing about Google Certificates is that they are free. So, students do not have to worry about money to spend on learning a new skill.

Before moving on to the content of this article, let us answer some of the most commonly asked questions. You can go to the list of courses shared below if you like.

How to get certified for free by Google?

It depends on the department in which you want to get certified. Google currently only has a few free certification programs, and if you want to learn one of them you can easily learn it. Below is a list of all such programs.

Does Google offer free courses?

Yes, Google offers free courses under different programs and initiatives. You can find the most popular ones listed below.

Is Google Digital Marketing Free?

Google offers a variety of courses for free that focus on digital marketing. They include the basics of digital marketing, Google advertising, the Analytics Academy, YouTube management and more. Most of them also have a certification program for eligible students.

You can register them from the list below. After getting the answers to your questions, you can now move on to the next part of this article.

The courses listed below are not related to any particular field. They are the general technical skills that students are looking for. Some Google Certificates may charge for courses, but most of them are free.

We have listed below some free courses

So let’s get started,

Online Courses on Google Digital Unlocked

Fundamentals of digital marketing (Includes Certification)

Understand the basics of code

Understand the basics of machine learning

Communicate your ideas through storytelling and design

Business communication

How to increase productivity at work