Free hosting Vs Paid hosting:- A detailed comparison and the final verdict

Free hosting Vs Paid hosting:- A detailed comparison and the final verdict

The web hosting market is full of competition; Companies are even offering free hosting services. But here is a thumb rule. In this growth-driven and the money-oriented world, nothing is free. Do you think, Google, Facebook, YouTube, and other internet giants are free to use? No, they do not take money, but you need to pay them in different ways. 

One question, that keeps disturbing the business that is why they should pay for shared hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated hosting, when they can get it free of cost.  For all those businesses, here They are breaking the inside story of free web hosting along with giving our verdicts on that.

Worse search engine ranking, low visibility, and a loss to brand value with free hosting

It is very hard to make even a subsistence business when you do not rank on the search engine. You might get some traffic but that will be because of your other strategies. There is a mad race for being on top of the search engine, and here you lose with free shared hosting service.

Websites get lower SEO ranking that further leads to bad business growth. Your chance of getting good notice goes on a toss and the website fades away into obscurity. 

The search engine does not take websites with free hosting plans seriously. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others misunderstood your website as a non-reliable and fraudulent website. If, being on the top of the game is your priority, always prefer leading web hosting shared services like LOGRITHA HOST for your business. 

Your business credibility get downgraded with free web hosting

If you are a startup and willing to get some seed money, will your investor believe in you, if you have hosted your websites with some XYZ free web hosting company? Certainly No! Web hosting for free is a trap that leads to short-term gain and long-term loss. 

Your business credibility remains at stake as free hosting websites, force business to use their name, logo, banner, and more on your websites. You cannot compel that freebie provider to enhance their services, in case of any deficiency. What’s more, you make all the right decisions, and this one bad decision can dampen your business. It’s business acumen to choose a trusted web hosting company like LOGRITHA HOST for all types of hosting needs.

Limited control on your websites

Free web hosting is nothing but a false promise or you can say it is a trap to take control of your websites. The web hosting company asks for money even for simple tasks that turn out to be very unprofessional in the end.

With a leading web hosting service, you need not worry about your websites. You pay once and get a whole lot of features free of cost.  Paid web hosting gives complete freedom on website customization giving you great flexibility. 

Your website is not yours with free hosting

Free web hosting companies ask you to include their name and banner in your web page or URL. Do you think, it is good for your ownership? No, Many users get confused that the website is owned by a free web hosting company.

Changing some basic functionalities always remain a challenge and even the legitimate right gets a denial by the hosting provider. No serious businesses can afford that much interference in their websites. So it’s better to make the best decision at the initial stage itself. 

Pop-ups and advertisements make things worse for visitors

Will you stay on a website that has so many advertisements or pops up that keep coming every minute? No, visitors have so many options. They will close the browser tab and will visit somewhere else. Best web hosting company like LOGRITHA HOST give you paid hosting but They do not spam your websites with advertisements. 

Free hosting companies generate revenues through ads so they always try to include more and more on the websites. 

What’s more? You cannot even control the advertisement content and quality. Your website is all about your brand of shoes, but the free hosting service provider might run the advertisement of your competitor’s shoes on your website. 
Little or no technical support of any type

Your website is down and you do not have a way to raise tickets or complaints to the web hosting provider India. Imagine this situation, you will sense the damage it will cause to your business. With LOGRITHA HOST , you are 24 x 7 covered by an experienced team of technical support staff through many ways such as calls, emails, chats, social media handles, and more.

They take up full responsibility for keeping your website up all the time with good speed. 

Hackers keep searching for websites with free hosting

People with ill motives are looking for you, the reason is obvious. Your website is not secure enough from different types of malware. Some free web hosting companies go below the belt to insert different types of malware into your system and also share your confidential information with others.  In the past, even servers of some popular web hosting companies get hacked. 
No guarantee of any sort of performance at the free hosting website

Those offering freebies are susceptible to a sudden server crash or any other issues at any time. The uptime delivery is very low. Your website remains always at risk of breaking down and the hosting provider can raise their hands anytime. 

Despite having clear terms and conditions to inform you about shut down, they rarely do so. Your website is down and you do not get details about that. All of a sudden, you find out that “it’s down”. In that way, your websites do not remain reliable for their visitors. 
Free is not free really, you will be asked to pay in another way

Data backup is vital for any business and what if, your data is not properly backed up at the web hosting provider end. They will ask payment for technical support or even making some changes on the websites. 

Those freebies offering hosting companies may announce wrapping up their business due to any reason and without giving you much time, your website is down. 

In short, there could be multiple ways for those companies to make money from you. It’s better to pay once to any trusted web hosting company and remain stress-free during the plan period. 

Final Verdict. Why should you contact paid and trusted web hosting company| LOGRITHA HOST

Paid hosting is better, safe, reliable, responsible, and value for money in every way. Your websites remain yours with full freedom in every aspect. It performs better and later, you realize that paying for reliable web hosting services is an investment rather than an expenditure. 

Do not fall prey to the cheap shared hosting plan, get in touch with LOGRITHA HOST . You will be surprised to know our price details for the best in class hosting service. With us, your business remains in safe hands all the time. 

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