Eavesdropping attack

8. Eavesdropping attack

Eavesdropping attacks happen through the interception of network traffic. By listening in, attackers can get passwords, Mastercard numbers, and other secret data that a client may be sending over to the network.

Eavesdropping can be passive or active:

Passive eavesdropping — A hacker distinguishes the data by paying attention to the message transmission in the network.

Active eavesdropping — A hacker effectively gets the data by masking himself as a friendly unit and by sending inquiries to transmitters. This is called probing, scanning, or tampering.

Identifying passive eavesdropping attacks is regularly more significant than passive ones since passive attacks require the attacker to acquire information on the well-disposed units by conducting passive eavesdropping before.

Data encryption is the best countermeasure for eavesdropping.