Doomscrolling Is Slowly Erode Our Mind...? Who's to Blame?

This is our first blog on this site. In this blog, we are going to look at what Doomscrolling is, where the word came from, and what its history is.

Nowadays, we’ve all become familiar with the habit of continuously scrolling on social media or some other channels /Platforms.

Doomscrolling / Doomsurfing

To Know That Doomscrolling and Doomsurfing are new phrases referring to the habit of continuously surf or scroll bad or evil news on social media or others, even though that news is saddening, disheartening, or depressing. Many people are finding themselves about covid-19 without the ability to stop or step back.

Origins of Doomsurfing

The Domesday Book defines that word using a terrible spell, but it is actually a record of English landowners for the order made by William the Conqueror in the late 11th century.

Surf is a new verb that refers to web/Internet browsing, and It derived naturally from the words like channel surfing.

Doomsurfing on Your Phone

According to a report on the U.S. National Public Radio, Karen Ho helped popularize the word. “The practice of doomscrolling is almost a normalized behavior for a lot of journalists, so once I saw the term I was like, ‘Oh, this is a behavior I’ve been doing for several years,’” Ho told NPR…

Who is to Blame?

It’s hard to resist the feeling that we are all connected to our grief, and it’s good to stop spending too much of our attention on things that worry us.

But the next time we like Droomsurfing, we will not feel so bad about it, and also we will see what is happening and why we are being triggered… because it is not our fault… its by design

Whether you prefer to surf or scroll for your doom, don’t feel you need to take it in all at once. After all, tomorrow is another day…