Cloud computing


You want to understand what cloud computing is in an easy manner?

Assume that, you are creating a windmill or a set-up to produce electricity for your home.

The cost to produce and maintain that setup is very higher than the electricity you are buying from the government or any other private organization.

This is the only reason behind the formation of cloud computing. Large companies like google, yahoo are creating this cloud computing.

It provides high performance servers, software applications, networking, storage, database.

If you want to use this means you have to pay very little amount and with the help of internet you can use it.

The word cloud computing is a term that represents the advanced technology of computers and applications which are currently being used.

You can be able to use the storage and application in cloud computing which is connected to the internet.

Largest companies are gathering and assembling billions of electronics from various places for cloud computing technology.


Cost is low. To create one website means you need storage to store lots of files. Buying drivers and high performance computers/laptops and keeping them ON for whole day and maintenance work can cost and also it took lots of time.

Alternative to that you can buy the needed storage by spending very little amount from the largest company.

The second advantage is high speed. With billions of servers, refrigeration and good technicians in cloud computing, you can be able to get high speed service.

With cloud computing, all your data/ information will be secure.

Disadvantages of cloud computing: 

We already know, in cloud computing every information is stored in the cloud and we cannot be able to access the data without internet connection. In case you don't have good internet connectivity means we can't able to access.

The biggest disadvantage is vendor lock - in. The problem may arise when transferring services from one vendor to another vendor.

It is difficult to move data from one cloud to another because of the different platforms that are provided by the different vendors.