Artificial intelligence - An Overview

Artificial intelligence is a technology with very long computer programs that perceive the world around it (natural and all kinds of objects), make plans for itself, achieve goals, and make decisions on its own.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence technology is the miracle we get when we use mathematics, logic, probability, linguistics, neuroscience, and Decision Making theory together.

Many categories like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and etc… comes Under AI

Simply put, this is great computer technology. The technique of making computers think and act like our human brain. The computer will think like us and normally use human intelligence wherever possible and will think further and deliver the right results.

Overview, speech recognition, problem-solving, translation, the operation to audit, everything can be done with the help of AI. We can control the engine and flow of cars that are AI compatible with our computers.

For example

If the milk dries in our milk cooker, it’s calling us.

Similarly, when a CCTV camera constantly monitors the premises, the computer will notify us if anything goes wrong.

It is enough to register those rules for this first.

Then if something goes wrong, AI will alert us.

AI will help us make the best right decision.

There is no such thing as a knowledge. But the knowledge for that is likely to develop in the future.

Its potential in the medical, manufacturing, and service sectors is enormous.


On almost every website today, there is a ‘Chat’. Before 2000, real humans handled this. Imagine a bank like SBI / ICICI and they will get 100 such requests in a few minutes. The man could not take and process chats of this size. Today, all of those chats have been acquired by ‘Bots’.

Voice assistants like Alexa and Siri are just a trial to AI technology.

In the United States, the stock market NASDAQ uses AI, and Deep Learning to detect violations and strategy (Anomalies and Investment Strategy).

This means that very soon ‘stock brokers’ will be simple apps that decide for themselves whether to buy or sell shares on our behalf. The Fund Manager will be the organizer of the entries for this machine.

Another sector where AI is overused is transportation. I.e. non-driving vehicles. This allows vehicles to operate spontaneously without the assistance of a driver.