Are you ready for an overseas scholarship?

Fully funded scholarships for Indian students are widely offered by all leading countries.

In particular, the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, China, Japan and most European countries offer unique scholarships that Indian students can apply for.

Scholarships awarded abroad are usually merit-based or merit-based and need-based. It may have multiple eligibility criteria like gender, ethnicity, country, study, academic ability, sector etc. Here are the primary qualifications required to get an international scholarship…

Generally, all scholarships have specific aims and objectives. They expect certain qualifications accordingly. So, first of all, understand that the scholarship is only for eligible people. It is also necessary to self-examine whether we have such expected qualifications.

It is a good idea to research the country you are applying for, what kind of scholarships are offered and what the eligibility criteria are.

Basic Qualifications:

Academic excellence is a key qualification that is generally expected of students seeking scholarships to study abroad. Entrance exam scores like GRE, SAT, and GMAT also play an essential role in awarding scholarships.

Next, English language skills. Specific language skills such as German, Japanese, and Korean may also be expected for some scholarships. However, as the language of instruction is often English, a satisfactory score in any international language test, including IELTS and Doppel, is a mandatory and expected essential qualification.

Although the expected score varies from institution to institution, it is important to understand that the best institutions set the benchmark for best scores.

Planning and training...

Applying for a scholarship certainly cannot be a last-minute decision. You should work towards it a few years in advance if it's a long-term plan. If you are a current student, the first thing to do is to improve your academic performance.

It is necessary to raise your GPA, take some extra courses, and practice for the entrance exam and English language proficiency test. It is also important to improve your leadership, creativity, social sensitivity and problem-solving skills.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on the deadline for applying for the scholarship and submit the application form and documents before the last day.