First time in India, a postgraduate emergency medicine course has been started in Tamil Nadu!

For the first time in the country, postgraduate courses in emergency medicine have been started in 23 government medical colleges.

Central Govt granted the permission.

For the first time in the Indian nation, a dedicated department for emergency medicine has been created in Tamil Nadu. Accordingly, a new course called Postgraduate Medicine is starting in emergency medicine. So far, 85 seats have received approval from the central government. In this, the central and state governments fill 50 per cent of the seats.

This course has been started in 23 medical institutes in Tamil Nadu. Government officials have said that in future, actions will be taken by Govt. to begin in all medical colleges. To develop this master's degree course, it is necessary to create various allied fields.

For this, 21 Head Injury Specialists, five Plastic Surgeons, six Vascular Surgeons, 10 Heart Surgeons and 49 Anesthesiologists posts have been created and filled. The central government has praised this initiative.

This postgraduate medical course may be made mandatory for undergraduate medical students across India in the future.


MCH Surgery

Last month, on the 29th, a new postgraduate course MCH, called Hand Limb Surgery, was started at Stanley Hospital, Chennai.

Subsequently, with the help of the World Bank, improving the infrastructure facilities at 100 crore rupees will be started soon in all the 36 Government Medical College Hospitals in Tamil Nadu.