60 Best FREE Online Courses with Certificates 2023

Here is a list of the 60 best free online courses with certificates in 2023:

  1. Introduction to Computer Science (Harvardx)
  2. Google IT Support Professional Certificate (Coursera)
  3. Marketing Fundamentals (Facebook)
  4. Python for Data Science (DataCamp)
  5. Python Programming Fundamentals (edX)
  6. Human-Computer Interaction (Coursera)
  7. SQL Fundamentals (Pluralsight)
  8. Machine Learning (Coursera)
  9. Deep Learning (Coursera)
  10. Natural Language Processing (Coursera)
  11. Web Development Fundamentals (Udacity)
  12. Full Stack Web Development (Udacity)
  13. Front-End Web Development (Udacity)
  14. Responsive Website Development and Design (Udacity)
  15. Blockchain Basics (Coursera)
  16. Cybersecurity Fundamentals (Coursera)
  17. Amazon Web Services Fundamentals (Udemy)
  18. Cloud Computing Fundamentals (edX)
  19. Internet of Things (IoT) Fundamentals (Coursera)
  20. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Fundamentals (edX)
  21. Applied Data Science (Coursera)
  22. Data Science Methodology (Coursera)
  23. Data Science Ethics (Coursera)
  24. Digital Marketing (Coursera)
  25. Social Media Marketing (Coursera)
  26. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (Udemy)
  27. Content Marketing (Udemy)
  28. Email Marketing (Udemy)
  29. Mobile Marketing (Udemy)
  30. Video Marketing (Udemy)
  31. Affiliate Marketing (Udemy)
  32. E-commerce Marketing (Udemy)
  33. Project Management Fundamentals (edX)
  34. Agile Project Management (Coursera)
  35. Scrum Fundamentals (Udemy)
  36. Leadership and Management (Coursera)
  37. Emotional Intelligence (Coursera)
  38. Change Management (Coursera)
  39. Time Management (Udemy)
  40. Stress Management (Udemy)
  41. Financial Planning and Budgeting (Udemy)
  42. Investment Fundamentals (Udemy)
  43. Personal Branding (Udemy)
  44. Career Development (Udemy)
  45. Business Communication (Coursera)
  46. Business Writing (Coursera)
  47. Negotiation Skills (Udemy)
  48. Sales Fundamentals (Udemy)
  49. Customer Service Fundamentals (Udemy)
  50. Entrepreneurship Fundamentals (Udemy)
  51. Small Business Management (Udemy)
  52. Business Analytics (Coursera)
  53. Business Intelligence (Coursera)
  54. Business Strategy (Coursera)
  55. Corporate Finance (Coursera)
  56. Digital Transformation (Coursera)
  57. Innovation Management (Coursera)
  58. Supply Chain Management (Coursera)
  59. International Business (Coursera)
  60. Cross-Cultural Management (Coursera)

Note: Some of these courses may have limited-time free access or some restrictions, so it's always good to double-check the details on the course platform.